2023 Mercedes EQS SUV: the real thing…

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While we’ve seen the interior a few days ago, the 2 top photos of the exterior are all new. Showing the real thing without any camouflage for the very first time
And there are no surprises since it looks exactly like expected.
At least it looks pretty clean and nonaggressive. But it just doesn’t really stand out either.
As you can see, the interior is very similar to the sedan version (As well as the smaller EQE)
Which is great.
A pretty conservative offering from Mercedes here. At least as far as the exterior design goes. Since the sedan is already about $100 000 in the US, this will be a bit more. And will go right against the Tesla Model X. Which should be interesting.
The only letdown could be the range Since it is “only” around 350 miles for the sedan. Which menas the SUV could be just around 300 miles. 
And also, couldn’t they find an actual name for this? Adding “SUV” to the sedan name seems a bit lazy doesn’t it?


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  1. It looks fine and smooth. The exterior doesn't make me think luxury car, but overall it's fine. Nice interior. Seems like a swanky pod inside.

  2. There he goes again, taking photos from the Korean spy car site.
    All these years I looked up to you and you pull the cheap one.

  3. I like the exterior – it's not trying to look like something that'll bite your head off if you look at it wrong.

    The interior is a bit K-pop for my taste, but no doubt you can spec it without the passe blue lighting and the 'plutocrat La-Z-Boy' seats.

    A decent effort, if a bit predictable. They'll sell to folk who'd never consider buying a new-money spaceship EV with attention-seeking rear doors.

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