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I think this looks great. Inside and out. Much nicer than the last few Smart models we had in the US until its departure from our market in 2019.
This looks very modern and cute. Not aggressive at all. Exactly what a Smart should be.
Inside, at least to me, it already looks much better than the Tesla Model 3/Y. (although, again, that huge tablet could have been integrated better)
The whole interior looks like it was designed by the same innovative team. Unlike the Tesla where only the dash and giant screen seemed to have been tor focus of designers. While the rest of the interior pretty much looks like a Jetta.
The Smart #1 (cool name too!) has 268HP and a 273 miles range (local test cycle).
And a 150kW charging capacity.
All very decent specs for a small EV. 
Even though it is about the size of a Mini Countryman, Smart claims it has as much interior space as a Mercedes E-Class. 
No price yet. But it is scheduled to go on sale in Europe and China by the end of the year.
Of course, since Smart left North America, this isn’t coming over here…


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  1. What a great-looking city car! Really, this is what a modern Mini should be.

    I don't generally share your hatred of tablet screens on (rather than in) dashes, but this one could have been done a little better I think.

    But overall, I really like the design.

  2. I'm not sure why… but I really don't like how these look. I've been watching sense the early concepts and they just aren't good looking. Even though I say that, I know these will sell better than the ForTwo.

  3. While this is more appealing than Smarts of yore, I can't say I'm the kind of person who enjoys this design. Maybe it'll appeal to whoever likes these kind of things. I feel like I've seen this design somewhere but I can't quite place it. It makes me think of a Chinese car company. The old design was unique and quirky. This seems like it's generically trying to be quirky.

  4. Erinnern wir uns, 2 Personen auf 2,50m
    Das Swatch mobil halt… so war der Smart angedacht, in Deutschland somit querparken möglich… Hat mit dem hier gezeigten nix zu tun… Eine Marke so wegzuschmeißen. Leider die Kunden mitschuld die in Großstädten lieber mit "SUV-Panzer" fahren…

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