2024 Ford Mustang: new spy shots…

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These new spy shots actually show the whole front end of the next-generation Ford Mustang uncovered.
The top photo so the GT, while the second shot seems to be the base model.
It seems blockier than the current generation. Although the shape of the hood seems very similar, with that curved drop upfront.
The whole thing, so far, seems like a mild evolution of the current design. Which, I think, is a missed opportunity to do something fantastic. Not many manufacturers have such a special and historic model to play with. A Mustang should look special (Even if that hasn’t always been the case over the years)
The thick black trim within the grille might end up looking a bit strange in real life. Or great?
We’ll have a wait a while to see the real thing since it is scheduled to be unveiled in 2023. 
(Thanks to a reader for the pix)


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