Chrysler Airflow Graphite concept: a new color…

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Back a few years ago, “Crazy Sergio” tried his best to kill Chrysler (and other non-truck brands). Now we are seeing the results of his anti-EV stand also: they are very late.
Of course, they’re not the only ones.
But this Chrysler Airflow concept is a constant reminder. We first saw it in 2020 in a few illustrations.
Now, all Chrysler has is the same concept in a new color: black. Just to remind us it’s still coming. And will be available in more than just plain white.
I love the idea of Chrysler being back. And I do like the Airflow concept.
Except it doesn’t look more modern than the Mustang Mach-E that was introduced to us in 2019.
And the new Kia EV6 already looks much more futuristic.
Stelantis has already told us the production version will not be available before 2025. That’s 3 years from now!
By that time a second-generation Mach-E could even be around the corner. And almost every new model introduced will be electric. From everyone. This could look a bit old before it even comes out.
I really hope Chrylser can make it. But that also means 3 more years with nothing new…


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  1. That's a really nice-looking 2022 EV. Sadly its styling will be past its prime by the 2025 release date.

    Which is a great shame.

  2. Can I not post anonymously anymore? I tried all day and it won't let me? I won't be logging in to post if I am forced too. :- That's too bad if that's the case.

    Since I am here though, I hope this product leads to success. Chrysler needs a big hit (whether it be this or future products). Their product lineup is old and dated, but still sells decently. They need this fresh start and hopefully if the products are good, people will plug in to them. f

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