Lincoln Star Concept.

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The new Lincoln concept is supposed to be a preview of their upcoming electric SUV.
Although this does look like a pure concept. Something that will never turn into a production model.
While at the same time, looking quite generic.
Except for the Lincoln badge, it looks like one of these designs that could be from anyone.
The rear lights are even reminiscent of the Kia EV6.
While it looks fine, it doesn’t seem even close to production-ready. This means it will be a while before we can actually see an electric Lincoln driving down the street.
But at least, it does look quite luxurious. Unlike the new Lexus RZ…


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  1. A concept doesn't have to look production ready for the production version to be nearing completion. Take away the concept elements and you've actually got a very production-ready vehicle anyway. The exterior just needs standard lighting and some form of door handle (likely electronic like the Mach E)–otherwise it's good to go. Similarly for the interior, we've seen that wide expansive screen on the Mondeo and the Zephyr for China, so a similar unit would be in a production version. There…it's production ready lol.

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