2023 BMW 3 series: the facelift…

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As usual, after just a few years, these things get a few changes to keep them fresh.
In the case of the BMW 3 series, it means adding a lot of plastic crap. Although the headlights are a little simpler, that huge lower plastic grille looks pretty terrible. 
While the rear ends seem to imitate the 4 series. (Or the i4?)
And of course, the interior gets the double screens.
If you liked regular dials in the BMW, you’d better get one right now…
Is this an improvement???

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  1. The interior might be more contemporary, but the exterior has definitely taken a step back. BMW is completely losing their way.

  2. UGH. I think BMW ran out of ideas a while back. Other German automobile makers all have had a similar problem for years (and some still do) but BMW feels like it has gone through all of their basement, their attic, and their garden house of ideas and are devoid of inspiration except to stay within Finance's allocated money for the mid-cycle upgrade project. It all feels quite sad to me 🙁

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