2023 BMW 7 series: “Crystalline” overload…

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BMW calls this tacky finish “crystalline surface structure”.
And it seems to be all over the place in the new 2023 7 series sedan.
There is so much of it that it seems even hard to read what the switches are. Or even where they are. And the wid strip along the dash even changes color. And, for a truly “Las Vegas brothel” visual experience.
The amount of that crystal wannabe trim reminds me of these tacky 1990s stretched limousines, with all these cheezy booze bottles in the built-in bars. (not that I ever personally experienced anything of the sort)
On top of it all, they even added small screens on the door panels! 
I’m really curious to see how well this thing will sell…

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  1. There are more and more vulgar people who adore vulgar things. And despite being transversal to origin or social class, it has to do with cultural and aesthetic backwardness.

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