2023 GMC Yukon Denali Ultimate: when you really don’t want the Escalade…

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The new Denali Ultimate version of the 2023 GMC Yukon is doing its best to disturb a long GM truck order: Chevrolet. GMC. Cadillac.
At $70 000, the “regular” Yukon Denali was already very close to the $76 300 Cadillac Escalade base price.
The new Denali Ultimate is expected to carry a $20 000 premium over the Denali. Which sounds pretty insane. And could result in the highest profit margin the world has ever seen.
Sure, that interior seems pretty great. With all that fantastic-looking wood and leather. The super fancy Bose speakers etc… But no matter what, the interior is really not up to the level of the Escalade. 
At least in my opinion.
Although I can really see the appeal of the “rich cowboy” outdoorsy personality of the Yukon. While the Escalade is more of a fancy city kid.
It’s actually quite a feast to be able to inject such different personalities into what are basically the same vehicles.
Kind of like Steve McQueen from “The Thomas Crown affair” Vs. Steve Mc Queen from “Nevada Smith”…


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