2023 Mini SE: new illustrations…

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These illustrations of the next-generation Mini SE look pretty weird. But they do seem realistic since they are all based on the spy shots we saw last year. And do match the actual photos.
 The weirdest (worst) part is the rear end with a new light design that just doesn’t belong on a Mini. 
As for the interior, it actually does look like a futuristic version of the classic design with its circular screen instead of the old speedometer.
Apparently, the new SE will be all-new and built in China. While the ICE models will also be redesigned. So it looks like there will be 2 different Mini lineups sometime next year.


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  1. It's very clean, which is a nice reaction to the overstyled, fussily detailed combustion-engined MINI, which has had so many pieces of fussy tinsel tacked on over the years that its been left looking like a surprised catfish.

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