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These are really nice illustrations of what a new generation Toyota Celica could look like.
And I think this would look quite right for a new Celica. Even with the Lexus-inspired rear end.
But there will not be a new Celica. With 7 generations from 1970 to 2006, it had a great run.
These days, it has pretty much been replaced by the GR86. Starting at around $28 000, it takes the Celica’s place as the affordable Toyota Coupe.
Although the Celica was always a very trendy car. Every generation was a very modern design for its time. And sometimes even ahead of others.
By comparison, the GR86 is pretty blah. Especially seeing the 2nd generation looking so much like the 1st.
Each Celica design was very different…
Enjoy these original ads from various Celica generations over the years:


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  1. I was always excited to see a new generation Celica when I was growing up. The 2000 model was truly a design before it's time, with the exception of the cheap interior.

  2. Vince I agree with your sentiments on how the 86 is not as flash looking as some of the Celicas where. However it is a better car. And today coupes do not sell, it doesn’t make financial sense for Toyota to ordering massive redesigns of a car which is sold in such small numbers. We should be happy it even exists

  3. The first car I ever really fell for was the Celica ST Coupe – my elderly neighbor had a midnight blue and kept it mint. It was a prize to him. But I was just learning to drive when he passed and his family sold it. I kept looking at Celicas after that, until I was able to purchase my first car. I got an Acura instead. Toyota and others fell into a trap where the Celica got smaller but also more sportcar upmarket in pricing – like Mazda did with the RX7/8. Thats the problem Toyota still had… they dont really have a car that falls between pure sportscar and regular car, and therefore it become unaffordable. I think Acura was smart in not driving the Integra to be a baby NSX. But they might not have gone quite far enough to make it sporty. This is the niche I'd like to see the Celica return to.. and not this thing pictured above. Not 2 seat. Not over powered, mid engine. The Supra went there. The Celica shouldn't.

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