2024 Mercedes E-Class: a look inside…

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There is a new Mercedes E-Class coming out next year. And these are the first px of the interior I have seen so far.
Sadly, nothing new to see. As it looks almost exactly the same as the 2021 S-Class and 2022 C-Class. 
So far the only difference seems to be the horizontal vents on top of the dash.
Sad to see that Mercedes interior designs just cannot be different from one model to another. Except designing circular, rectangular, or horizontal air vents. This is almost like a joke.
It seems to be a trend since we’ve seen the same thing with Honda lately. I wonder how long this can last. I guess Mercedes has enough repeat customers who just want a Mercedes and nothing else. And it does look different from the previous generation they currently drive so they’ll never know?

 As for the exterior, it is expected to look very close to the illustration. Which is 50% S-Class and    50% C-Class. Again, nothing new.

I wonder why they even bother with expensive redesigns. Why not have the same body for 10 or 15 years and just do updates.

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  1. This is the trend for all automakers because of the damn screens. No point in differentiating the styling when everything revolves around a same sized giant screen running identical software.

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