2025 Nissan Leaf: new patent drawings…

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It looks like the next-generation Nissan Leaf will be a production version of last year’s Nissan Chill-Out concept.
(Whether they still call it “Leaf” or not)
And from these new leaked patent drawings, it seems the production version will be very close to the futuristic-looking concept. Just like the Ariya is.
This is great news. The current Leaf is almost 5 years old. And it was heavily based on the previous generation anyway.
By 2024/25, it will really be old tech. With its slower charging system and shorter EV range than almost any EV available. On top of that, it’s not even the cheapest EV available.
The next generation is expected to use the same new CMF-EV platform used by the Ariya and the new Renault Megane E-Tech.
As for the Ariya, it is late and more expensive than expected. It keeps being pushed back. Now to the fall of this year.
And the previously mentioned $40 000 base price is not over $46 000. Which is more than its competition. Although for that price you do get a 300 miles range. 
By 2025, there will be more competition than today. The $30 000 Chevrolet Equinox EV will be out. So will a Kia EV4 and a Hyundai cousin. And many more.
This will need to start way below $30 000. 
At least, no matter what, it will look really good.


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  1. There will also be an SUV version of that very design. The secret to the more affordable price is that this new generation will use solid-state batteries. Nissan seems to be ahead of many others in this game.

    The Equinox is advertised at that low price but what is GM giving us?
    The smallest battery pack? FWD only? Plastic wheels? Remember the suits are always involved when it comes to making decisions at GM. They seem to care more about themselves than who they sell to.

  2. I definitely see a most improved new EV award in it's future. Looks pretty good so far. Hope the range is more than acceptable.

  3. From the renderings, it looks like Nissan is doing something unique with this shape. But does absolutely everything have to be shaped like this? I'm so sick of this look already.

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