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Last December, the new Chinese brand Human Horizons unveiled a really cool-looking electric sedan concept. The HiPhi Z. (After showing the HiPhi X EV SUV earlier)
The top 3 photos are showing the actual production prototypes. While the bottom 3 show the concept from the Human Horizons website.
A pretty weird but interesting design. Which really tries to re-invent the sedan shape. It looks like something out of Blade Runner the great Syd Mead could have designed.
Or what a 3rd generation Kia EV-6 could look like.
I can’t wait to actually see the production model. And hope this thing could be someday sold outside of China.


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  1. Vince, Sorry, but no…. well yes…it may have some Bladerunner-esque quality in that cobbled-together-movie-set-prop way…
    and from a distance it will look great
    … but the resolution of those rear window and spoiler details, and that indent connecting the door handles will end up making this look either cheap or schmalzy

  2. Wow, that's…er…different.

    I'll be charitable and say the pics of the production model have been taken in a really bad environment for seeing the lines of the car. All those reflections aren't doing it any favours.

    I also think the car will look much better in some colors than others – maybe the silver and the black. So I'll reserve judgement for the moment, although it's going to be a love-it-or-hate-it design whatever the color.

    Not sure which side of the fence I'm on right now though.

  3. So Vince – where's the passion on good car design you normally show when reviewing the latest BMW design? 'Interesting' is too kind – this is a giant mess of a design, Chinese market only or not. I'll take any of the newest electric BMW design over this any time! This is trash.

  4. I see bits of Nissan GTR, BMW i8, and Jaguar I-Pace mixed together and it’s just not doing it for me…

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