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Chevrolet has just released photos of the all-new redesigned Colorado pick-up for 2023.
A much nicer-looking pick-up inside and out. With a more squared-off design, it resembles a bit the new Nissan Frontier. 
Engines are now all different versions of the 2.7 Liter Turbo motor. Both the V6 and diesel options are gone. 
It is now also only available as a crew cab and short bed model.
Ths new interior is finally up to date. the previous generation interior had seriously aged a lot in the past few years. The new Colorado is also based on a new platform. 
The large screens you see on the pix above are also standard on all versions. 
The 2023 Colorado will be available early next year.

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  1. That ZR2 model especially looks good, but a huge improvement across the trim range. That interior looks great too. GM is killing it in interior design of recent times. That tail gate storage is really cool too.

  2. Just when you thought there couldn't be any new truck bed innovations, Chevy comes out with in tailgate storage. Why did no one ever think of this before?

  3. another great interior design from GM! So much better than the previous generation Colorado. Odd placement of shifter and secondary powertrain controls, but I think in person it might work having the shifter farther away from the driver… the seats look flat and hard, hopefully they're not.

    exterior design is very busy, too much origami creasing on the front fascia, especially on the dark green truck, what ever happened to keeping things simpler?

    this thing needs to have a hybrid option or PHEV!

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