2023 Chevrolet Seeker: out in China…

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The 2023 Chevrolet Seeker is a new small Chevrolet crossover for the Chinese market.
Looking really decent, inside and out, it would be nice to see it over here. We know there is a new ICE Equinoix coming over pretty soon. And I think the Seeker would make a great new Equinox.
The Seeker is about 4 inches shorter than the current Equinox. Which means it could also maybe replace the old Trax instead?
Who knows…


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  1. this is actually pretty good, bring it to the US and price it in the $25K-$32K range, have it go head to head with the CX30, HR-V, Crosstrek, KIA Seltos, etc.

  2. After comparing the 2, I retract my previous reply. Not an exact copy of the 2023 Colorado, but definitely a family design resemblance.

  3. Yes, Warren you are correct, especially the back looks kind of Rogue Sport. I want to see more of the Equinox EV however from this company if it will supposedly be the "affordable EV" – I still think $30,000 will give you the smaller battery with no frills extras.

  4. It's quite a neat design, even if it looks like a few other cars in places (and a lot of other Chevys, which I guess isn't an issue).

    And it's great to see color making a comeback after decades of only white/grey/black from carmakers.

  5. Minus the egg yolk color it seems GM has a winner in the compact SUV category. Too bad it's not offered in the USA 🤣
    I like the shape but it looks a bit cheap. The Chevy bow-tie doesn't help. But I like that it doesn't have blacked out windows. I'm not into pimp mobiles. If it's over $27K forget it.

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