2023 Ford Escape: new spy shots…

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It’s no secret the Ford Escape is getting a mid-cycle refresh for the 2023 model year.
Which might, or might not, improve things. At least visually.
The front end is all different, but not better. At least to me. It seems even more generic than before.
And the rear end just seems to have tiny changes.
Strangely enough, it seems they’ve redesigned the trim around the rear side windows. Getting rid of the think chrome (or black plastic) trim. 

Inside, it looks like the Escape might not be getting the changes it needs. At least from the spy shot (top) The screen is still not integrated at all into the rest of the design. It doesn’t even seem larger.

The orange interior is a photo of the Chinese market Escape. While the bottom pic is the recently revised European Ford Focus (a car the Escape/Kuga shares most of its interior with)
Not sure yet what we’ll end up with in the US, but it won’t be an earth-shattering change.
It seems sales have been down for the current generation compared to the next. With 145 415 units sold last year. About 30 000 less than in 2020. And less than half what it was in 2017!
Competition is pretty tough these days. And I bet the cooler Bronco Sport isn’t helping…
Good luck.

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  1. The Bronco Sport was one of the worst vehicles I've driven. One enginner was not talking to the other as it was being developed. The quicker motor was an improvement over the small unit but steering its blocky low front end was a challenge. Also, it handled terribly in corners which prompted me to return this thing to the dealer ASAP. From reviews, the Escape drives much better. That might be the better choice.

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