2023 Toyota Crown: earlier design sketches…

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I think these are great.
Of course, it’s always a bit depressing to see these super cool earlier design ideas. For any car. In the case of the new Toyota Crown, these look much better than the actual production model. As usual.
Especially the 3rd and 4th photos. These look very realistic and show a design that is much more modern than the final production model. Although by now (2023 model year!) this should really be what we see in our streets. It’s not that crazy or futuristic looking.
Same thing about the interior sketches. You can see how similar they are to the real thing. Yet so much better at the same time. And how clumsy the production design is next to these.
I really feel for the designers who must endure the constant frustration of notes, changes, etc… Just dumbing down their original work. I guess just like all artists, writers, and thinkers…


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  1. That's why I always hate to see the design sketches before the production models are released. It completely destroys my optimism. 😂

  2. The battle between designers and "no man" production engineers. But in the end whether or not the two sides prevail depends on the top management

  3. Dont blame the production engineers for this mess. The design looks great. The product – NOPE. Every car has to be produced within some constraints, which usually is also NOT chosen by the production engineer – but the Project Managers. Such as: it will be built on this existing platform with existing hardpoints. NOT our choice.

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