2023 Toyota Crown: teaser pix Vs.patent designs…

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Well… It looks like these patent designs published a few weeks ago was the real thing after all.
I mean everything matches the new teaser photos. Right down to the weirdo 2-tone paint job.
The lower part of the hatch might look a bit strange in black. But at least, it’s glossy and not as plasticky looking as the heavy cladding we’ve seen on other cars lately.
It also could be a Japanese market-specific feature.
I actually can’t wait to see this. Something new and interesting…

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  1. My God!!!! One of the ugliest cars I have seen in my life. What has happened to Toyota over the past 10 years? Why do they not have any ability to make attractive cars anymore? Its like they are in a competition with themselves to constantly be the worst.

  2. Toyota with the maw… And now the large black body panels. The word DISFIGURED is coming to mind.

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