2023/24 Honda Accord: Vs. 2013 Ford Fusion…

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This new illustration of the next-generation Honda Accord (2023 or 204 according to different sources.)  does look a lot like a Ford Fusion. A design that came out 10 years ago. (with even less personality)

I’m all for Honda making their designs cleaner. As they had gotten way too busy in the last few years. But the current Accord does look great IMO. On top of being an excellent car. Sure, a next-generation could have been cleaned up a bit. But “clean” doesn’t have to mean “bland”. Or looking like it came out 10 years ago.

The illustration above is obviously based on the recent patent designs we’ve seen and therefore probably very close to the real thing. Again, looking like a Fusion. Or an older Passat. there’s also a familiar look in the profile, under the windows. I just can’t think of what. It just seems very familiar. 

This could be a generic sedan design we used to see in these Architectural illustrations years ago.

On a positive note, something that simple might age very well. And it probably will look much more impressive in real life. Although with electrification taking over, who will be keeping these cars for 10 years or more…


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  1. Wow!!! It does look like a Fusion in the front. Hell it literally copied it from the side too. The rear looks like a K5

  2. Same grill. Actually, it looks exactly like the Audi, which is also a fusion

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