2023/24 Honda Accord: Vs. the current generation…

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Just like the Civic, the next-generation Accord will be a cleaner design than the current model.
Although, unlike the Civic, it looks like the Accord will still have some personality.
I still really like the current design. The new one seems a lot softer but still looks really good, at least to me. Especially since things usually look pretty terrible in these grey patent drawings. 
You know this will look even better in real life.
This will be quite a classy car.
Let’s hope they still offer the Hybrid in base versions. Unlike the 2023 CR-V where the Hybrid isn’t available with the EX or EX-L models.
I actually think the Hybrid powertrain should be standard on the next Accord. Right now, it’s only $1200 more than the base engine. And you know it costs much less to produce. Just add $1000 to the base price and make the hybrid standard. 
Today’s words of wisdom from Vince Burlapp!


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  1. The side and rear reminds me of the now defunct Passat. But the front at least looks better than the current front.

  2. None of these Honda's are all new, for this iteration. The Civic wasn't. The CRV wasn't. The Acura Integra isn't. The Accord and Pilot wont be. Only the HRV is – because it switched to the Civic platform. The rest – reskinned. Updates to existing drivetrains and suspensions. Stretched an inch or two here and there. Next gen infotainment. New interiors. But fewer trims and color options to simplify supply chain. To be honest, they probably didn't need to be all new either. My biggest concern is where the cost cutting is coming – basic amenities, seating surfaces, etc… But largely looks like good tradeoffs.

    Honda is putting most of their new $$ into the electrics development which will launch in MY 2024 (so 2023?) as Honda Prologue and Acura ADX(?)versions of the Cadillac Lyriq platform. But in general, I think Honda has come to the realization that their short term electrification strategy is really about conversion of all their hybrid systems to Li-based battery 2motor gen4 systems – with longer range, more power, and better fuel economy with less weight. Affordable BEV manufacturing rate has seriously slowed due to supply and economics. As those prices rise, they're competing against luxury cars. So actual BEV production units coming to the US is at a trickle from VW, KIA, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, etc… That puts Honda in an enviable position of 1. Having their updated full hybrid system ready and under implementation throughout all but large trucks 2. Having a couple battery partnerships in the works with low risk – using non-Honda production. 3. Already having an industry leading fuel economy in standard gasoline only models (as long as you dont count the Acura vehicles). Their biggest obstacle is they're at 50% of production capacity in a market screaming for vehicles. But even this can be an advantage in the longer term – driving up sales prices and forcing lower performing and multiple (ie. redundant) dealerships in one municipal area out of their system in preparation for overall a lower number of vehicles produced annually expected by 2030. Honda is actually fairly shrewd. And sometimes frustrating. Just my $0.02.

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