2024 KIA EV9 : new video…

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The 2023 Kia EV9 electric SUV was just caught testing in Europe.
Interesting to see it driving around. As expected, it does look pretty large. And a lot like the weirdo concept we saw last year at the Los Angeles Auto show.
The concept was quite shocking in real life. And not in a good way. Let’s just hope they toned down the wacko a couple of notches for the production version.

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  1. I like the EV9's greenhouse because it is boxy like a Land Rover or Chrvy Blazer or Hummer. I don't like crossovers that have rounded greenhouses.

  2. I'm too much into greenhouses aren't I? Greenhouses make up 80% of the design. Just changing headlights or taillights every 2 years don't move me. I prefer a new greenhouse to feel like a comple redesign refresh.

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