2024 Nissan Maxima EV: could it be?

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These photos aren’t new. They are from over a year ago.
But it’s pretty easy to notice the car way in the back. Some semi-covered clay model. Or so it seems.
People are now speculating it could be the next-generation Nissan Maxima. Reborn as an EV.
I’ve been thinking for years that Nissan’s only hope to save the Maxima is to turn it into an electric sedan. It seems they’ve stopped any EV development after the Leaf. For years.
Now the Aria is finally coming out. (soon?) And the Maxima is 8 years old with nothing new in sight. 
Not only Tesla but Hyundai and VW are coming out with electric sedans. Now would be the time to   re-introduce the Maxima as an EV. Sooner than later.
Almost 6 months ago, they showed us a teaser of upcoming 2025 electric sedans. One for Nissan the other for Infiniti.
Nothing since…
These guys just seem completely disorganized. 


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  1. You caught it too!! Im thinking that is the Maxima. Nissan would be dumb to let its most popular vehicle die off. Without Maxima Nissan would be just another "appiance" company, lol

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