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We finally get to see what the upcoming Cadillac Celestiq luxury sedan will look like.
I’ve been hearing about a top-of-the-line super fancy Cadillac sedan for so many years.
Even when the CT-6 came out, they still were telling us something even fancier was coming out.
We saw many really nice concepts that never became anything.
Now, we see yet another concept. Based on the Ultium EV platform. Even though it has proportions reminiscent of older V16 Cadillacs.
Cadillac claims this is a close preview of the upcoming super luxury hand-crafted electric sedan. Possibly coming in just a few months.
As we mentioned before, there are rumors of some crazy pricing. Mentioning $200 000. Or even     $300 000!
Crazy pricing indeed. Since even a Mercedes Mayback S-Class costs less at $186 000. 
If even Mercedes doesn’t dare charge that much for a luxury car, I really don’t think Cadillac can get away with it.
This is ridiculous.
What they need is a Tesla Model S competitor. Something that starts at around $100 000. 
Which would also compete with the new Lucid Air and Mercedes EQS.
Let’s also hope they found a way to include some storage up front. With that super long hood. Something the other Ultium-based models don’t have (Except the trucks)
The production model should also have slightly smaller wheels and enough ground clearance to actually be able to drive on real roads…


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  1. The last time GM promised us a "handcrafted car" was with the Buick Reatta in the late 80s to early 90s. It was a really nice car with only about 21,000 units in both convertible and hardtop versions. With the heavy asking price of the upcoming Caddy super sedan, people would rather spend it on a German car or RR. That probably happened with the Reatta when Buick asked $25,000 ($57,000 in today's money). Remember at that time Mazda made the RX-7 with also hardtop and convertible, that would have been my choice if I were to spend the money on a 2-seat roadster, right Vince?

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