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Cadillac has quite a history of fantastic-looking luxury sedan concepts. But none of these great designs became anything. 
The car above is the Sixteen Concept from 2023. Of course, powered by an insane 13.6 Liter V16 engine!
While no one expected the crazy engine to be produced, the design could have really inspired future production sedans. They thought about it for a while. But eventually, we got the XTS…

The Ciel concept above is from 2011. Apparently, it was also considered for production (or something based on it) for a while. Just imagine this driving down the road. In 2011!

Two years later, they showed us the gorgeous Elmiraj coupe. Which, next to the crazy Ciel, looked like an actual production car. And that’s what it should have been. Sure, even by 2013, sales of 2 door coupes were already bad. But adding two doors to this design would have made a fantastic high-end Cadillac sedan. Apparently, something like that was actually in development. As an S-Class competitor.

Instead, we ended up with the CT-6. While a great car, it was no Elmiraj…

In 2016, we saw the Escala concept. Another great design looking ready for production. It was even described as ” a potential addition to our existing production plan”. Which of course, never happened. 

Instead, we got the lackluster CT-5. With a front end that resembles the Escala a bit. But that’s about it…

Just a few months ago, we saw the amazing Innerspace concept. Looking like a Syd Mead car from the future.

At least, Cadillac never mentioned this was a possibility. 

Now we have this new Celestiq Concept. Everyone says this is basically what the production car will look like. We’ll see. I don’t see any bumper cut lines. (Maybe they don’t even need bumpers anymore?)  The rear hatch opening also seems really high. (Only the rear glass moves up?)

They will be some changes. Although it still can look stunning. The killer would be the rumored price of $200 000 and over. This would kill it instantly. Just like Cadillac did with the $76 000 ELR PHEV back in 2014.

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  1. I think it could work at $300,000 if the interior, paints, and wheel choices are bespoke enough. Cadillac has said that it is hand-building this vehicle, and so they are in a position to deliver on that promise.

  2. Sure GM has the capability of designing beautiful-looking cars but for years corporate put quality in the backseat. Less than a handful of people will want to pony up $300,000 for a GM car. Perhaps people from oil-rich countries would love one of these.

  3. I disagree, price won't kill it. GM will build around 400 cars/year, enough to fullfill the demand. The Celestiq is not a car for the common S-Class customer.

  4. I disagree, price will not kill it. GM will handbuild around 400/year, enough to fullfill the demand. This is not a car for the common S-Class public.

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