MG Cyberster: new teasers…

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MG, an old British brand that was known for cool sports cars will probably end up being the first one to come up with a soft top convertible EV.
The Cyberster doesn’t really look like an old MG. And MG isn’t the “old MG” anyway. Since it belongs to the Chinese manufacturer SAIC. 
Still, this is really cool to see some old fashion looking convertible. I could do without the cheezy Scisor doors we see in the first pic.
But the whole thing seems like an electric Miata. Which could be a lot of fun.


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  1. If MGs were built in England like in the old days they would be more appealing. SAIC should only build models for their own market, just my ¢2.

  2. MG hasn't been a British brand for decades, there's no reason for the current owners to look to the past when designing their products.

    This looks great, and hopefully will perform well. Why should EVs all be SUVs and four-door sedans?

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