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The new Aceman concept is a preview of an upcoming new Mini model.
Something in between the regular Mini and the larger Countryman.
While I still think a proper Mini should have round headlights, I do like this new design. Even the headlights. It is a much nicer-looking “SUV/Crossover” shape than the current Countryman.
It also looks better than what we have seen of the new 2023 Mini EV in China. (at least the Aceman doesn’t have the weirdo tail lights seen on the prototype)
But the interior is very, very similar to the prototype caught last year.
At 159.4 inches it is small. But not that small.
Since it’s only about 2 inches shorter than the 1st generation Countryman. (The second generation is about 8 inches longer)
Being an EV, it’s also probably roomier than the old Countryman. 
The interior is also trying to redefine the Mini personality. By being as simple as it can be. maybe a bit too much?
Not sure what will stay in the production model, but the super simple seats look a bit cheap. And no armrests.
And the rear bench reminds me of the old Nissan Cube.
Again, very simple. But not the most comfortable.
At least, it looks like Mini will be trying something new with the Aceman. There are plenty of fun design touches. (Although using the Union Jack everywhere is a bit much)
The 2023 Mini EV will use a new platform, different from the next-generation Mini. And will be produced in China.
I guess the Aceman will be based on that same platform.


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  1. I think it is only the 2-door EV that will be built in China.
    MINI has a plant in Netherlands other than in Oxford, England where they build the Countryman but the next Countryman will be built alongside the X1 in Germany. That space will be freed up.
    However, the 2-door EV might also be offered as a Convertible. I don't think the Chinese market favors ragtops, so now the location is questionable.

    The Aceman was supposed to be named the Paceman which is weird too.

    I rather like to have seen the revival of the Rocketman stubby 2 door
    or MINI Superleggera classy roadster.

    The Aceman isn't unique enough to really be a MINI.

  2. I think it's time for Mini to ditch the round centre control module and take a fresh approach to interior design. As a former owner the usability is pretty quirky and likely is very limiting to keep up with current vehicle technology trends.

    It looks great but I think it's time to move on from this design element, wondering how others think on this???

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