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As expected, this is the worst-case scenario…
The “new” Dodge Hornet is the exact same car as the Alfa Romeo Tonale we saw just a few months ago. Except for tiny changes like a new front end, revised lights, etc…
This might derail the more expensive Tonale in the US. And maybe sink the whole Alfa brand over here.
Since US Alfa dealers were eagerly waiting for the small crossover, this must come as terrible news to them. 
What a weird move from Stellantis???
The Dodge will be available in 2 versions.
The GT, starting at $30 000, will be powered by a 2.0 Liter Turbo with 268HP with a standard AWD and 9-speed Auto.
The $40 000 R/T version is a PHEV with 285HP and a 30 miles EV range.
This will basically compete with most “compact” crossovers like the RAV-4 and many others (The Tonale/Hornet is only 2 inches shorter than the Toyota)
The base model packs a lot of power for the price. 
But the RAV-4 PHEV does have more power and a longer EV range than the R/T.
I guess for people who have never heard of Alfa Romeo, this could be attractive. Depending on the equipment you get for $30 000.
If priced right, it could actually work.
But it will also kill Alfa’s hope in the US. I cannot imagine anyone spending thousands more for the Alfa version.
If most Dodge buyers never heard of Alfa Romeo, Alfa potential buyers have surely heard of Dodge.
The Hornet is coming here in December. From Italy. Where it will be built alongside the Tonale.

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  1. Are Dodge buyers going to feel like they got a steal with a budget priced Alfa, or are Alfa buyers going to be mad they're are getting an overpriced Dodge? Or both?

    This Hornet is styled like it should have been the CUV version of the 2013 Dodge Dart, which it probably should've been 10 years ago.

    The real problem is that most US buyers can only think of Dodge as the muscle car brand selling large V8 cars. There's no CUV buyer out there who thinks of Dodge at all. It's going to be an uphill battle for sure.

  2. Selling this car as a new Dodge CUV must have made sense to someone at Stellantis. But I can't see how or why.

    It must surely cheapen the Tonale in the minds of any prospective purchasers, yet the Alfa connection is unlikely to result in greater sales of the Hornet.

    Thing is, this looks like a decent vehicle that people might want to buy. But the branding decisions are all wrong.

  3. Now I understand this car's purpose – selling the Tonale as a Dodge product helps Dodge meet its CAFE fuel efficiency standard.

    This was clearly more important to Stellantis than throwing Alfa under the bus in the US market.

  4. This is just pathetic. Very very lazy in the design department.
    Even the Hyundai Entourage and Sedona had more differences on the exterior

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