2023 Ford Maverick Tremor: official photos…

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 The Ford Maverick is getting its first new version since its original launch. The new Tremor model gets a few visual updates. But especially, a 1-inch increase in ride height.

it still comes with the hybrid powertrain as standard. And a new AWD system.

The Tremor package is a $3000 option on the XLT and Lariat models.

The package gives the “not so small” Maverick a small shot of a more macho look. And the added ride height will be welcome off-road.

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  1. always thought this was a great design for the price point.. the entry level hybrid utility truck under $25K was a killer deal but there were very few to be found. Check used car listings, those FWD hybrids are advertised in the $40K range

    nearly impossible to find these trucklets at local dealers.. is the new 4WD system available in the hybrid? that would be a big deal.

    not sure I'd pay $3K for the package if it's just 1" higher and has the "Tremor" logos everywhere. What else is in that package?

  2. Vince, when you wrote "it still comes with the hybrid powertrain as standard" I assume you mean that the 2023 Maverick offers a hybrid powertrain, because the new Tremor model does NOT.

    Bob Sorokanich at Jalopnik may have caused confusion; he has since updated his post with the correct info: "Initially, this article stated that the Tremor package was available with the base-model hybrid/FWD drivetrain. That's not true, and was a mistaken reading on my part."

  3. P.S. Do you know why comments aren't visible unless I click on a post?

    I like to read your blog by scrolling through all of http://www.burlappcar.com and comments are not visible there since you changed the website several month ago.

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