2023 Tesla Model 3,Y: new steering wheel…

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 Apparently, Tesla is about to replace the steering wheel on the Model 3 and Model Y.

No, it will not be replaced by the “yoke” from the Model S. But by a new design also used in the upcoming Semi truck. (pictured above)Where the stalks are replaced by small touch-sensitive areas on each side. Which doesn’t sound like an improvement.

These small touch screens have been used in the Modell S and Model X since the introduction of the Yoke. Which means no real transmission controls or physical turn signal controls.

I have never heard of people complaining about turn signal being part of a stalk (As long as it’s of good quality). A read a few complaints about this in the Model S, but the Model 3 and Y are much more popular. I’ve already seen posts on tesla forums with people thinking of canceling their orders about this.

Not sure this is a good move at all…

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  1. Is it me or do Tesla interiors remind you of the terrible Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep interiors of the bad old Cerberus days? Interiors like the Dodge Caliber and Dodge Magnum – full of boring shapes and super cheap plastics. I'm supposed to spend $60k and stare at that cheap looking steering wheel all day?

  2. Really, no one GAF about social media complainers (like me, here. Ha!). My money says Tesla is having its azzes eaten by NHTSA over this and other real safety related issues in their vehicles.

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