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 The new Chevrolet Equinox EV isn’t out yet, and the Cadillac versions seem almost ready.

The Cadillac Optiq will be closely related to the new compact electric Chevy. As you can see in these photos above. 

The new Lyriq seems great, but Cadillac does need something a bit cheaper than $63 000.

The current XT-4 starts at around $36 000. While a basic Equinox EV will start at around $30 000. It seems Cadillac could be able to price the new Optiq at around $40 000 or $45 000. Which will make it very close to the XT-4’s price after tax incentives and local rebates. Therefore, killing the XT-4 when it comes out. Or even the aging XT-5.

It took them a while, but it seems GM is moving very fast into electrification of all their models. And again, where are Ford’s EVs? No news since the F-150 electric. Just a Lincoln concept years away from production…

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  1. Cadillac shouldn't be selling anything for less than $60k. What's the point of Buick if Cadillacs are in the same price range?

  2. I heard the new EV bill will allow for an instant rebate of $7,500 instead of waiting to file taxes and see if you qualify. Is that true, Vincent?

  3. With the Optiq (or whatever this will be called) being so close to the Equinox, it now makes sense as to why the latter has the pop-out door handles where the more-expensive Blazer EV does not. I’m sure there is some minimal parts sharing externally to keep costs down.

  4. I've also heard about the instant rebate. Which would be great.
    But I also heard things have not been finalized yet. Everything's still in flux. So who knows…

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