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The new illustration above seems, unfortunately, very close to the various prototypes we’ve seen of the next-generation Ford Mustang.

Let me predict a big failure for this next Mustang. 

Sure,  sales are still fine. Especially considering the current worldwide situation. With 52 384 units sold last year, it is a bit down from previous years. But the car is over 8 years old. And the muscle car market is becoming a smaller and smaller niche these days. 

What we see of the upcoming redesign reminds me of the 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro that came out in 2016 (The current one). Which was just a redesign of the previous and stunning-looking 2010 model. The 5th gen was something completely new with an amazing retro design. The 6th was just a very tame redesign. Sure, it still looks good. But people expected much more. And sales suffered. All the way down to around 22 000 units last year.

I’m afraid this is what’ll happen to the next Mustang. The interior spy shot above shows something quite generic. Lacking the traditional double scoops dash design the Mustang has had for so many years. The exterior looking barely different from the current 8-year-old design. And engines are rumored to be exactly the same (except for the usual useless small bump in power) No electrification has been reported so far.

I truly think the introduction of the Dodge Charger Concept this week changed everything. A great-looking, practical sporty electric coupe. This is the future of the American muscle car.  It looks like Ford didn’t learn from the Camaro’s mistake. In their crazy quest to eliminate all cars from the US market (Except SUVs and trucks), it seems there was too little R&D money allocated to s new truly Mustang.

Which is quite a shame…

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  1. If they manage to offer a Mustang with better qualities, cutting a little the price of a Nissan Z (for example, that the GT version starts below $ 51,000) it will be a success.

    Especially, if the news that indicates the power of 500 hp in the V8 is true

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