Bentley Mulliner Batur: leaking…

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 The new Mulliner Bature coupe from Bentley will be officially shown tomorrow.

But here it is. Just a bit early.

This will not be your average $300 000 poor man Bentley. You will be able to pick any color or trim you want in the limited edition handmade car. (Apparently, it could be limited to just 18 units)

The “rich guy toy” will still use the good old V12. And will probably sell out as soon as it becomes available to order. Although deliveries are scheduled for 2025. The new car seems to be based on the Continental GT Coupe. Itself a very nice-looking car. I’m not sure this looks better at all. It’s a bit too busy, aggressive, and quite generic at the same time.

Something we’ll never see…

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