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The all-new Dodge Charger EV concept looks even better in this video. This is something that will look pretty fantastic in the flesh, driving around.
Again, I have never been a fan of the ridiculous Hellcat versions of the current model. But the other versions do look great.  Here we have what is basically the most powerful version of the next generation, and it still looks clean, restrained, and tasteful. 
I actually can’t wait to see the production model. And especially the more mainstream versions of the new car.

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  1. Now that muscle cars will become EVs there's less regret about owning one. I would love to see how this car looks in different colors and if the lower trims will look just as nice as the more expensive version seen in Burlap's video.

  2. Great concept. I am a bit surprised that Dodge is ditching gas so soon, considering Ford is keeping the gas version of the Mustang for the foreseeable future.

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