Polestar 02 Concept: becoming Polestar 6…

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It’s official! the stunning Polestar Concept 02 will become the new Polestar 6 in 2026.
Yes, 2026…
Which is quite some time.
But there will be plenty of other Polestar good news before, starting with the Polestar 3 SUV before the end of the year. Then the gorgeous Polestar 4 sedan. And the Polestar 5 “Coupe SUV” next year.
Polestar will soon have a full line up of great looking cars and SUVs. Becoming one of Tesla’s main competitors in just a few years.
You can actually go on the Polestar site now and order a Polestar 6!
Although you won’t get price or official specs info for a while…

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  1. 🤔….wonder which one will arrive in our market first, the Polestar 6 or the Tesla Roadster? That Polestar 6 is an incredible looking car so far.

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