2023 Chinese market Honda CR-V: the stuff we don’t get…

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This isn’t the first time the Honda CR-V gets more features in other markets. A 3rd-row was available in Europe for a while. And so was the oversized double sunroof. The supersized “roof window” is also available in the smaller/cheaper HR-V in China.

Here, we get a sunroof standard on the 2023 model. Even on the base EX. But that’s it. And if you want 3 rows of seats, they’ll try to sell you the more expensive and much larger Pilot.

I understand that 3rd row must be quite tight. But the larger sunroof would be really nice. At least on the top-of-the-line version. Why not?

The new 2023 CR-V will start at 0ver $32 000 in the US. All the way to $40 000 for the top-of-the-line Sport Touring. That’s more than most of its competition. And quite a bit more than the previous generation. 

You’d think we’d be offered everything. At least as options…

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  1. I think it has to do with the size of the people in the market. Americans typically aren't very small people on average.

  2. In North American, is anyone really concerned about a 3rd row in this size car? I'm not. The double sunroof would be nice, but not a necessity. Personally, I find the pano-roofs to be annoying. Especially without a sunscreen or the ability to open it (Toyota and others). When its hot out, its really hot. And, I buy a trim with sunroofs to vent the interior.

    What Honda SHOULD do… have a warm color interior, like this brown leather with charcoal contrast. Not just black or gray which is way to cold feeling, and they need to reduce the black contrast in the US specs a bit so it doesn't come across as cheap inside. Second, they definitely need to offer a better set of wheels for the 1.5L trims. You know, something in a bright metallic. Not everyone wants tiny ugly wheels, or black/gray wheels. These wheels on this pic look like the current model – and look better than what they're offering here so far.

  3. btw – did you also notice that the rear gets the capacitive touch lights from the HRV, and the rear doors are fully trimmed like the front. That's a huge difference that says Honda is cheapening the CRV in the US.

    Also, Honda should offer fog lights for all models as accessories.

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