2023 Lincoln Corsair: official photos…

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The Lincoln Corsair is getting a few new things for 2023. Although nothing most people will ever notice.
Like an even larger grille. This seems not a bit old fashion since most brands seem to be coming out with smaller grilles these days. 
Inside, the big news is the larger screen. And a slightly revised console.
The base engine is the same 2.0 Liter Turbo with 250HP. (The more powerful 2.3 Liter is not available anymore)
The PHEV version also returns with the same powertrain as last year. I’ve read reviews mentioning the PHEV powertrain isn’t as smooth as it should be. And apparently, in pure EV mode, the engine still engages too frequently. 
But that seems it’s good enough for Lincoln.

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  1. Pretty big change on the center console: most of the climate control buttons are gone, and the pod that housed them has shrank dramatically.

  2. Looks better outside. A little more painted bodywork, a little less black plastic. I dont mind the grill either. And much better wheels.

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