2023 Mercedes EQS SUV: US pricing…

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The new SUV version of the Mercedes EQS sedan will start at $104 400 in the US. (Or about $2500 more than the sedan)
There are many versions available, and the cool 56-inch “Hyperscreen” pictured above is available in the EQS 580 4MAtic model for $126 000.
But the “base” Premium RWD model is already loaded with a panorama roof, Burmester sound system, heated and ventilated seats, etc…
Sure, this is expensive. But it is a high-end Mercedes after all. And when compared to the $113 000 Tesla Model X, it’s actually quite a bit cheaper. (As the AWD version of the EQS SUV starts at $107 400.)
For that price, you also get a real luxury car interior. The Model S/X interior just cannot compete at all.
As far as range, the Tesla is rated at 332 miles. The RWD version of the Mercedes gets 305 miles. While the AWD model is rated at 285 miles. Since Tesla’s numbers are usually pretty optimistic, both SUVs should deliver a similar range in actual driving. (These guys got almost 400 miles from the EQS sedan at 70MPH on the FWY)
I cannot really imagine how the Tesla Model X can keep up with the increasing competition from legacy car manufacturers. 
Something like this is just bad news for the old X…


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  1. Tesla can slide by a bit longer because there are enough Tesla stans still out there who wouldn't consider anything else. And I'd say that current Tesla owners would think twice about switching to a different brand even if they are unhappy simply because of the Supercharger network.

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