2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: coming soon…

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 While Mitsubishi used to be pretty popular in the US, things have gone from bad to worse in the past few years.

The “semi” bright spot is the new Outlander. Which has gotten mostly good reviews. And does look much better in the flesh than in photos. It’s basically a Nissan Rogue underneath, and for some reason, priced almost the same. When it should be cheaper.

The good news for 2023 is the arrival of a new PHEV version. While the previous generation could only get 24 miles of pure electric range. The next one is rumored to get from 47 to 50. Which would be more than its competition. The RAV-4 gets 42 miles. The Tucson PHEV is rated at 33 miles. The Kia Sorento at 32 miles. Etc…

Almost 50 miles would put the Mitsubishi ahead of everyone. And would really help differentiate it from the Rohuw, which doesn’t even offer a regular Hybrid.

The 2022 model was priced at around $37 000. Not sure how much the new generation will be. But the RAV-4 Prime starts at over $40 000. While the Tucson PHEV starts at $35 400.

If Mitsubishi finds a way to lower the price under the Tucson, they will have a very attractive product. 

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  1. bad to worse? More like bad to DOA. Mitsubishi has just made nothing but bonehead moves. What capital they had was in well-established name plates and they blew all that plastering those names onto mediocre, outdated, and cheap SUVs…and that desperate little clown car (the Mirage). Unless by some odd change of circumstance there's a sudden loss of all the over-the-air update and tech due to an alien invasion of our planet, leaving us nothing running but old tech-free gas engined cars…. then its time to just cash this one out. Even their website looks like sadness.

  2. Mitsubishi and Fiat USA need a lot of help. Hopefully, Nissan is smart enough to provide Mitusbishi its EV platform from the Ariya to build something uniquely different: a product of its own. The brand shouldn't simply rebadge from Renault as we saw with the new ASX, yuck.

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