2023 Polestar 3: new teaser…

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We saw the profile of the new Polestar 3 a few months ago.
Now we get to see what it looks like from the rear. 
We will see the front end and interior on October 12th. 
The first version we will see is rumored to produce about 510HP. Following the Polestar 2 footstep, a single motor with a longer EV range will be unveiled later.
The Polestar 3 is also rumored to share its platform with the new Volvo EX90. And both will be produced in the US. (And China for the local market)

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  1. The Dodge Charger Daytona EV or whatever it's called has a similar hood split spoiler as this car. Is this going to be a new trend?

  2. "Signs point to yes" Polestar calls sit the "Airwing", (redundant much?) but the 1966 Ford GT40 famously featured it.

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