2023/24 Mazda CX-80/90: new illustration…

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 This new illustration is obviously based on the recent spy shots we have seen of the new 7-seater Mazda SUV.

But which is it? Mazda is planning 2 different 3-row new models for 2023. The CX-80 for Europe and CX-90 for the US. Just like the new European CX-60 isn’t coming here. Instead, we’re still waiting for the   CX-70 here.

Apparently, the main difference is a wider platform for the US. 

The new 3-row model pictured above does look a lot like a longer version of the CX-60. And based on the spy shots, it could actually be the European CX-80.

Let’s hope Mazda uses the different platforms to come up with a much more attractive design for the US models. The new CX-50 is a really good start. Looking nicer than the CX-30 it’s based on. 

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