2023/24 Mazda CX-90: next to the CX-60 and CX-9…

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It looks like the CX-90 will be the first Mazda in the US to use the all-new RWD platform. While the smaller CX-60 was the first one overseas.
A shorter CX-70 will be coming over here as well. And a CX-80 overseas.
It seems the US models will also be wider than the CX-60 and CX-80. Which all seems to me like a lot of precious R&D money spent on different models for various markets. Especially for a small brand like Mazda.
And all that on top of the cost of an RWD-based platform and an inline 6-cylinder engine!
I don’t see BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and many more producing slightly larger models for the US.
Again, especially when money is tight.
I think their best hope will be the new PHEV powertrain. It has been introduced in Europe a few months ago as an option for the CX-60. Powered by a 2.5 Liter engine and electric motor, it produces 323HP and gets 39 miles of electric range. Which is actually pretty good and useable.
(At the same time, since Mazda is going more upscale, this will be competing with the Acura RDX, Infiniti G70, and even the upcoming Honda Pilot. All of them still use a large V6._
Let’s hope they don’t make the huge mistake of not offering the PHEV in the US. Their last (and probably costly) mistake was the MX-30 EV with its ridiculous 100 miles range.
They’ve announced a more useable PHEV version that we are still waiting for…(I’d be surprised if it actually shows up)
I’m not sure how many of these expensive mistakes Mazda can make before they become an obvious target for a takeover from another brand…


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  1. A couple points, Vince:

    Mazda needed to do something for the CX-9. The current design may have been better looking and better to drive, but it never really sold as well as the prior generation – which was bigger and RWD based (a Ford with a Mazda engine, tuning and interior). I still see a few of that gen around these parts, but rarely the current CX-9. IMO, it got too small, too similar to the CX5, and didn't look like its pricetag. Hopefully this generation will change that.

    The Acura RDX doesn't use a V6. It used to, but the current generation has the 2.0T from the Accord, tuned for premium unleaded.

    Is Mazda late to the party in converting to RWD-based AWD architecture? Probably. But this is what everyone complained Acura should have done, and still faults them for. Mazda is a driver's car, more than Acura. I say, let Mazda go there to compete with the Europeans.

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