2024 Ford Mustang: interior/exterior video…

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I hadn’t notoced the satin chrome finish around the front grille of the standard model.
I think it’s a nice touch.
Otherwise, the more I see the interior the more I actually hate it.
There’s nothing left of what says “Mustang” in there. And it does look rather cheap.
On top of that, every single physical sound system and climate control has been eliminated. 
Everything is now on the screen.
Which is really a step backward…
Apparently, Ford officially claims “millenniums like it”. Are millenniums really buying Mustangs? 

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  1. I guess they figure that Boomers are at the end of their car buying years, so the next "elders" are Gen X, who are comfortable with screens. Then there's the millennials, who are now pushing 40, so at least some of them should be able to swing a Mustang by now.

  2. they targeted millennials because the interior is based off of the millennials era, the fox body interior, check it out. that's what its based off of Vince. look at the format of both interiors and the vent location. Ford made this interior on purpose, it's a modern version.

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