2024 Subaru Crosstrek: new video…

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The popular Subaru Crosstrek will be all-new for the 2024 model year.
We will see the US version very soon. The video above shows the Japanese version.
This “action-packed” video features all kinds of scary and dangerous activities. Like Camping! Snowboarding! Surfing! Climbing! And “hanging out with the girlfriend at night”!
Our US model should look pretty much the same as the one you see here. Engine choices are rumored to be the same as before. Although no one knows about the PHEV model. 
With a bump in EV range, it could be quite a hit. Especially if they can find a way to manufacture it in the US and qualify for the new federal incentives. (So far the Crosstrek isn’t built in the US)
As you can see in the video, while the design is “all-new”, only car fanatics and current owners will really be able to tell the difference between the current one and the 2024 version.

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