2024 Toyota Prius: more spy shots…

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I know it’s still covered up in camouflage. But so far, this is already the best-looking Prius I’ve ever seen.
This is shaping up to be one super sleek sedan. You can already see Toyota’s new front-end design. Similar to the Chinese market bZ3 electric sedan. And a few concepts we saw last year. And it already looks 100 times cleaner and more modern than any Prius we’ve ever seen.

The difference is especially striking when compared to the current generation. The next one looks like an amazing metamorphosis compared to the current ugly duckling. This could actually look great. And put the Prius name back on track.

If the specs follow the new design that is. 
The Prius does need something more. More than a great design.
As I mentioned before, I think a PHEV should be standard, now that so many cars are available as a “regular’ hybrid.
PHEV SUVS are now getting close to a 50-mile EV range.
The next Prius needs to push the envelope with something over 70 miles. Which, for most people, would be plenty to almost never use a drop of gas.
If the Prius can look that good, I wonder what they’ll do with the next Camry!


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  1. I really like what I'm seeing there. Can't wait to see more, and I've NEVER said that about a Prius before.

  2. Those side-by-sides really make it clear that Toyota isn't producing an all-new vehicle – the next Prius will be derived from the current one. But you CAN see that they've made it more cabin-forward like in the cant of the hook and windshield.

    All of that said, my guess is there will be some modification but otherwise I'm not expecting any big changes to the powertrain. That just isn't the Toyota way. More aero focus above and on underbody panels/air flow management can give them another 1mpg or so. It will get a new interior, which it desperately needed. The current interior looks cheap AND TACKY as hell – an area they've been tripping over inthe last iteration of vehicles.

  3. Wow…looks promising! I'm pretty excited about this new Prius as my current Gen3 had 179K on it ( I skipped the Gen4's ).

  4. My favorite part is the way the front roof pillar/windshield line continues down to meet the end of the headlight cluster.. almost exactly like the iconic 2nd-gen design, but this time much lower and sleeker.

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