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This video gives us a good idea of what the new Equinox EV looks like in the flesh.

Driving around. sitting in a driveway. Inside and out. 

It even features a couple of humans around it!

I think the Equinox EV looks great. The version shown in the video seems to be the 3LT.

So, not the base 1LT model. But not the more expensive RS version either.

Since the 1LT will start at around $30 000, I guess this one could be around $40 000. 

This means under $30 000 after various incentives in most states. (around $28 000 or even less where I live)

As a reminder, the new 2023 Honda CR-V will start at over $32 000 for the base EX model.

With no option. 

I think the Equinox EV will really be a game changer when it comes out next year. Not only the $30 000 model. (Which after incentives might end up costing less than $20 000!)

But these higher-end well equiped versions, at a cost similar to a base model CR-V, Rogue, or RAV-4 could really end up being quite popular.

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  1. I really wanted the EV6 but with the changes in incentives, I think I will go for the Equinox EV AWD 2RS package. Hopefully, by Fall 2023 I can get an in-store credit of $7,500 plus state incentives.

    My only concern is will the expensive trims intersect with the Blazers. And what will be the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to insurance and charging costs/differences.

    This is a good car until the solid-state batteries become available with longer range, quicker charges (no need to worry about colder climates) and less expensive cost

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