2023 Honda Pilot: Vs. Subaru Ascent…

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I have seen multiple comments about the new 2023 Honda Pilot looking a lot like the Subaru Ascent SUV.

I thought I’d just post photos of the 2 SUVs so we can actually compare. From the rear angle, it’s true. The Pilot looks a bit like the Subaru. Which is quite unfortunate, since the Ascent is one of the ugliest SUVs out there. But I think the Honda will end up looking much better. t least the profile seems more interesting with fewer lines. And the front end although displaying an obnoxious and useless huge fake grille is way less cluttered than the Ascent total mess.

Subaru sold almost 60 000 of them last year. While Honda moved 143 000 Pilots. But the true king is the Toyota Highlander, with over 264 000 sold last year!

I’ll soon post more photos comparing the 2023 Pilot to the Ascent from various angles. As soon as Honda releases more stuff. Which should be very soon…

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  1. Honda very clearly taking aim at Subaru. The piece FastLaneCars posted showing a serious offroading Pilot Trailsport fitted with heavy skid-plating tells me some Jeeps are also in their sights.

  2. I feel like the proper competition is the Highlander and Pathfinder cause they are always the main 3 midsize suv competitors.

  3. I can’t stand the fact that the lighted part of the tail lights don’t extend to the hatch portions.

  4. Trailsport is focused more at Subaru and Jeep. Maybe even the Dodge Durango. But yes, the regular Pilot will compete against the Highlander &friends.

  5. Yes very true a lot of things coming out of Honda lately seem to be very Ford esq. Look at the current Honda accord redesign, looks like an old 2009 Ford Taurus.

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