Ford Fusion Active: next Edge?

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The Ford Fusion Active is a wagon/SUV/Crossover thingy based on the recently introduced Fusion Sedan (bottom pic) Also called the Ford Mondeo or even Ford Taurus depending on market

While the sedan is pretty good-looking, the new Active model looks really weird and quite lumpy to me. And already kind of old. There are already rumors about this ending up in the US as the next-generation Ford Edge.

Of course, it would keep costs down since it’s already been fully developed for the Chinese market. But really… Ford needs something a bit more compelling than this to compete in the US.

Although the Edge is in a weird spot anyway. Squeezed in between the smaller Escape/Bronco Sport and the larger Explorer. But it actually starts at around $1000 more than the Explorer. (???)

There is really no place in Ford’s US lineup for the Edge anymore. Unless it is reborn as an EV. And why not? Besides the F-150, there has been no new EV from Ford since the Mustang Mach-E. That platform could easily be used to build something more family oriented and less sporty than the Mustang Mach-E.

And what about the VW I.D base Ford model that was planned a few years ago? No spy shots, nothing. While it seems GM is introducing new EVs almost every month.

I wonder what’s taking Ford so long…

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  1. This vehicle appears to be another Chinese model that Ford has used an existing Chinese vehicle from one of its partners and slapped a Ford-badge on it.

  2. Vince, the next Ford EV to market will be next summer in Europe; Ford announced this week that they are pulling forward the discontinuation of the Fiesta to next summer, and coinciding with that, have pulled forward the first Ford Europe EV crossover (VW MEB-based) to begin sales next summer as well. Supposedly the Ford EV will be similar in concept to the ID 4.

  3. The Edge is the most outdated crossovers in its class. It has had that greenhouse for over 13 years. That greenhouse is older than the 2011-2021 Kia Sportage greenhouse.

  4. I have a ’17 Edge and would never consider that ugly wagon. Why didn’t they just come out with a redesigned Edge with a hybrid version? Or only as a hybrid. I was surprised they’re discontinuing the Edge, because it has sold very well for them.

  5. I love the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. Plenty of power, room, and is balanced between the smaller Escape and larger Explorer.

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