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Taiwanese company Foxconn just released new photos of their upcoming “Foxtron Model B” EV. This will be the first car by the giant company that builds the iPhone, among many other electronic devices.

The Model B is designed by Pininfarina and is said to compete with the Tesla Model Y. More specs will be available on October 18.

The most interesting part is that this new EV will be produced in Ohio starting in 2024 (Production will start in China next year). Also weird they’ve decided to use the name Foxtron instead of their company name “Foxconn”. They’ve also shown other upcoming models a few months ago. Like the Model C SUV and the Model E sedan pictured above. All are based on their new MiH EV platform.

So far I think the design is OK. Although it does look cheap. Especially the side widow frame for some reason. It also looks small but it might actually be much larger in the flesh. Like the Ioniq 5.

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  1. I’d argue looking “cheap” as you put it Vince is probably a reflection of its affordability which right now is what most, real people need. As long as it’s decently built, good to drive and has a decent range. It definitely looks good enough.

  2. I dont think you’re wrong about the size. If you consider the side view of the wheels – even if they were a crazy large 20in size, this would still make this a very short car.

  3. The company’s name is Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Foxconn means nothing to consumers. It’s the 30th largest company on the planet. How is naming it Foxconn going to help their sales in anything else? The only brands that the public would recognize would be Sharp and Belkin. And Sharp is squishy. They make their bread and butter as being the OEM for a lot of companies, not just Apple.

  4. Why can’t they use another name other than the name model with the following digit? Don’t forget the Fisker Pear will be made in that same plant. Weird.

  5. Would anyone buy a car from an unknown manufacturer that had ‘con’ as part of its name? The change is probably a smart move.

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