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As it turns out, the Mystery SUV photo I posted recently is actually NOT a new Tesla. It is actually one of the many (MANY) Chinese EVs coming up these days. It was caught in Belgium, which probably means European sales are considered.

The company is called Zhiki Motor. And the specific model is the LS7. Although I’ve seen the company name as Saic or IM Motors as well. Who knows…

This is what the LS 7 will look like under all that camouflage. And it’s not that bad… It does have a bit of everything mixed together. Like a Chinese SUV/Crossover smorgasbord. But the result doesn’t seem too painful to look at. And that logo looks pretty cool, whatever it says.

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  1. Phew, now we can all get some sleep!

    The roof-mounted sensors are interesting. Lidar, I assume.

    The logo is cool but the badge needs to be about 50% smaller IMO.

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