Volvo EX90: new teaser video…

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This is a new video from Volvo showing a bit of the new EX90’s interior. Especially the dashboard and its 2 screens. And how they work. It’s apparently. all about safety.

In my opinion, a giant vertical screen like this is still quite distracting. The small rectangular screen behind the steering wheel is just a super lazy design, but that’s another matter. She sheer size of the center screen is distracting no matter what they say.

It also seems there are no actual buttons on the steering wheel itself. Which is also “not great”. And something VW just announced they’re changing soon because “people hate it”.

I also see full climate controls at the bottom of the screen. Which means, the EX90 might have very few buttons, if any at all. Which is only a good thing if you’re desperately seeking to copy Tesla. For non-tesla-obsessed fans, this is not a good thing. Most people do prefer physical controls for volume and climate. Just because they are more intuitive, and quicker to use. In the end…safer.

At least, the Polestar 2 does have a volume knob and physical controls for some of the climate control functions.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see the whole thing to have a better idea. But that huge center screen and small tablet combo is a disappointment, at least to me.

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